New level
of Data Collection

No-code email and messengers outreach and data collection allows you to easily automate data collection processes with your team, customers, suppliers, partners, etc.
Data collection emails with visual designer
Add lists, contact groups and e-mail scheduling options
The collected data and export it to whichever database or spreadsheet you use
Work with spreadsheets and emails, as usual.But with the power of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
Easy start, ready-made templates for different business areas like project management, HR, sales, etc.
You and your peers will use the simple spreadsheets which can be customizable to feet you needs
Data quality
With our scheduling, data quality control, and monitoring capabilities your counterparts will never miss your request and provide you with clean and timely data
Collected data is ready for analysis in a spreadsheets or a tool you already use like database or BI
Data governance
Secure authorization, logging of all actions, data encryption. 100% traceable and governed data
Seamless API integration capabilities for even more automation
Cloud or
Ability to use external local or cloud storage and data processing
For individuals just getting started with data collaboration.
All functions are suitable for most data collection tasks with some limitations on the number of operations and amount of data.
Manage personal data collection:

  • Unlimited reports
  • 1Gb file storage (100MB per file max)
  • Collaborate with up to 100 contacts
  • Data Quality rules
  • Export collected data to cloud and file-based spreadsheets
  • Dashboard for data collections monitoring
  • Reminders and due dates
  • Task templates
Track team data collection to-dos with extended features and resources like:

  • Up to 15 data collection tasks (can be extended)
  • Unlimited reports
  • Unlimited file storage (100MB per file max)
  • Collaborate with up to 1000 contacts (can be extended)
  • Data Quality rules
  • Export results to cloud and file-based spreadsheets
  • Export results to cloud databases
  • Ready-made templates
  • Reminders and due dates
  • Task Templates
  • Integration capabilities
  • Priority tech support 24/7
  • Ready-made templates
Pro version plus special features and extensions important to enterprises:

  • Local (on-premise) installation capabilities
  • SSO support
  • Direct API calls
  • "White label" deployment
  • Local DBMS storage support
  • Advanced and custom integrations
  • Export results to spreadsheets and databases
For teams and companies that need greater data collaboration capabilities.
Expanding the number of operations to the corporate level you need including priority tech support.
For organizations that need centralized visibility, control, and support.

Get a powerful, intuitive data governance and data management platform with advanced admin features and security at scale.
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