Sales analytics for multinational home appliance manufacturer

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Goal: Sales data collection and analysis optimization
About Customer
leading multinational home appliance manufacturer with headquarters in Europe.
European country branch: 120 points of sales, 8 regional partners
500 sales data points weekly
Tools: Emails, Google Forms, Google Sheets, Excel, Ambassador Web-portal
Business operations team: 3 FTEs
1 FTE is solely dedicated to manual data requests, obtaining and summarizing sales data.
Problem statement
Weeks were wasted receiving and preparing clean data for monthly sales reporting.
Poor computer skills of sales representatives and distributors. Some can't use web tools to submit data.
Low data quality, need to request updates manually.
Manual analysis. Can’t perform online analysis
Solution and benefits helps request, send and receive timely and high-quality data for sales analytics in a convenient way without any web tools for data providers, just via emails. benefits:
  • direct cost savings on operations
  • sales growth based on accurate sales, supply, and services forecasts using high-quality and timely sales data
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