Procurement automation for international hotel chain

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Goal: Automating procurement data collection and bids analysis (RFQ - Request for Quotation processing).
About Customer
The European branch of the international hotel chain.
Dozens of hotels are in operation including franchises.
Many repeatable procurement tasks - collecting bids from suppliers in 10+ countries with
country specifics.
No supplier procurement portal.
10000 procurement specifications data points monthly.
Tools: Emails, Smartsheet
No dedicated procurement team. Project managers deal with procurement.
Problem statement
20%+ time of project managers for managing procurement requests, analyzing and comparing bids data, checking with corporate standards, communicating with suppliers, etc.
Uncomparable data from suppliers. Missing data.
Manual data processing from emails / excels / PDFs.
Solution and benefits helps request, send and receive timely, structured, and high-quality data for procurement needs in a convenient way without any web tools for suppliers, just via emails. benefits:
  • direct cost savings on operations
  • better communications with suppliers lead to shorter projects (time reduction) and better prices (cost savings)
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