Project and resource management for multinational professional services company

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professional services
project management
Goal: Boost resource and project management with timely and structured data.
About Customer
Multinational professional services company with specialization in IT consulting and system integration and application outsourcing. European country branch.
Project and resource management for 300+ FTEs department, including 30+ managers and team leads.
900+ data points are collected weekly.
Internal scheduling portal with poor UI/UX.
Tools: Emails, Scheduling web portal, Power BI, SharePoint, Excel
Resource management operations team: 3 FTEs
1 FTE solely for manual data requests and receiving, summarizing resources data

Problem statement

Lack of timely responses from managers/team leads. Need lots of reminders.
Need to process responses manually because answers are not structured.
Missing data, not timely data.
Manual data processing from emails to the database for analysis in Power BI.

Solution and benefits helps request, send and receive timely and structured data for project and resource management analytics in a convenient way. benefits:
  • direct cost savings on operations
  • better communications with managers and team leads for better projects and resources forecasts for better resources utilisation (better margin)
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