The Real Thing

Data collaboration reimagined
The simplicity of emails and spreadsheets...
with the power of big data... from the barrier of IT expertise.

100% traceable and governed data

Rigorous information security protocols

From small reports to big data

Unlimited data sources

On-premise or in the cloud

Seamless API integration

Quickstart templates ready

No IT skills required

How Helps You

In more ways than one

Hassle-free data integration from any IT system

Valuable insights generation

Our straightforward data integration process works for both modern and legacy IT systems. However, some IT support will probably be needed.
You can export collected data to files, use BI tools, and even develop Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models to analyze what Datatera gathers for you.
For example, project managers can send you regular updates on current projects, and sales managers will be able to send you daily reports from across the globe as simple as possible.

Convenient and structured communications with clients, sales managers, teams, partners, and others

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